Women still under-represented in science

The under-representation of women in science is still a reality. The proportion of female students seems to be increasing (I see this myself especially in marine science), but there are still significantly fewer women represented at conferences and in tenure-track faculty positions. Yes, it’s better than 50 years ago, but we still have work to do.

I’ve been lucky thus far in my (very young) science career to have had some great female mentors and role models – women who are not only smart, hard working, dedicated, and successful scientists, but who are also loving mothers, wives, and friends. They have given me insight and inspiration on many occasions. I wonder if I’m an exception to the rule. I sure hope not.

This blog post is one lady scientist’s experience, complete with some suggestions on what we can do to support more female representation at conferences, and links to 2 journal articles that discuss this very issue.


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